Saturday, March 13, 2010

Muhammad on a Dog Cartoon - Down Boo Boo Down!

This is a cartoon of the head of Muhammad on a dog. It’s a seemingly harmless cartoon, which most people would ignore if thumbing through a magazine or newspaper. But the rising world of Islam thinks not and they will do anything to stop such expressions. Don’t think for one moment that a Jihad Jane and a network of extremists are the only problem. Freedom of speech and expression is something we here in the west cherish and hold dear. It is now being threatened from not only Islam but from Progressives within our own country.
The battle for self expression and the freedom attached to it should always be defended. Whether it’s the head of Jesus Christ or Barrack Obama on a dog, it’s a “god given”, that’s right, a “god given” right to do so. These original beliefs first were proclaimed in our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The new political party in America, the Progressives seek to alter these great documents.
The only thing standing between tyrants, dictators mass murderers and these documents is “YOU”. If you believe in the words written so many years ago and you’re willing to defend them with your life, than you’re a true American, a Patriot, a modern day Knight Templar. You are the thin line between freedom and tyranny, religious or political. Make no mistake, their destruction will end freedom as you know it. So be on guard, for your enemy is now everywhere.


Kozmo said...

f U c K you... Muhammad is the best man in the world!!! You are so stupid. God will burn you in a fire. Be careful with those things idiot. FU CK YOUUUUU...

Ernie Sigley said...

Kozmo - u have the name of a clown and surely u realise this muhammad or mo' hammered is ficticious? Muslims just have no respect with the fairly tails they believe. Have a nice day.