Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Great American Deception

By Nicholas Contompasis

The greatest trick socialists in America ever did was to convince the American people they didn’t exist. After the fall of socialist-communist governments in Eastern Europe and Russia in the early '90s American socialist-communists were forced to take cover under the unassuming name of Progressive. This new label sounds modern and creative but represents the old and failed socialist systems tried in Eastern Europe. Many western European countries are now finding out that the ignoring of financial responsibilities for the bloating of government, union jobs and benefits only destroy a society rather than better it.
It’s just an old failed idea dressed up to fail again and many in America know it. Many younger people in America have only history books and many of them revised history books to rely on to reference socialism-communism. They have no memories of the tyranny and oppression developed under this flawed system. That’s why it’s so important to speak to our youth and explain to them that the ideas of the Obama administration and the Progressives in congress are not new. A new face yes, but nonetheless still faces of Stalin, Marx and Mao.
This new face of tyranny has worked in America. It took 20 years but it worked. The American people while prospering in the '90s and '00s had no idea that a sinister force was at work that would take down the fabric of capitalism and democracy in one fell swoop.
Ask yourself why the Progressive congress has ignored the people. Ask yourself why the President ignores the will of the people for more radical ideas that will obviously harm our great country.
This was a wholesale takeover of America by socialist-communist forces that now call themselves Progressives. Not one shot was fired and you had no idea that it was happening. They did a good job of fooling America.
It was the con job of the century and we all fell for it. Just take your own survey of the people around you. Ask them what a Progressive is. Ask them who they are? Ask them if they have heard of the term progressive? My guess is that most won’t even know what the hell you’re talking about. That’s right it was a sleight of hand, the street corner card trick that fooled America. It wasn’t the threatening hordes at the gates, it was red blooded Americans. Americans that want to enslave you under a massive number of oppressive laws and taxes, Americans that will tax you so much, there will be very little at the end of the day and liberties that will be few and far between.
Progressives is the new face of tyranny and oppression and its now on the American menu. It’s now up to you to have it removed before it’s too late.

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