Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Medal to a Magnet

While attending college in the late ‘60s I remember many fragmented thoughts floating around campus. Ideas I always ignored for their extremist views. But, I never in my wildest imagination thought that these nut-job hair-brain ideas would ever see the light of day in the international mainstream debate.
All of these ideas that I once crumpled up and threw into the gutter are now being introduced into our highest governing body as laws. How frightening since I was there to see their beginnings, their insane roots. I still to this day think, if only the rest of America knew of the crazies that first started these ideas, maybe they would stop it.
I remember those grungy smelly outsiders on campus that would speak of a world without oil, nukes, borders, one world government and no laws, one currency, a world where the animals would rule the earth again, a world where there would be no more poverty, war and competition.
Well, those grungy smelly outsiders are now on the inside and telling the rest of us they know better. I for one couldn’t have imagined that this day would ever come, but it has and frankly we are no better for it.
These once fragmented thoughts have now found a home like medal to a magnet in Globalism where they are flourishing into a brave new world of question marks. For the world at this juncture, it needs not entire into a period of unknown but it should perfect what already is.
Unfortunately, we’re doing the exact opposite and will pay dearly for our learning curve. – N.P.Contompasis

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