Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Timeline of Unconstitutional Bad Behavior

No President has ever used the timeline of unconstitutional bad behavior more than President Obama. The timeline I speak of is the violation of our Constitution by the Executive Branch while waiting for a Supreme Court decision. That timeline can take years, while lawless goals are met by the President and his many Federal Departments. Executive Orders, massive fines, law suits and unwritten behavior are now what run our country and all of it is a violation of our Constitution. 
Rush Limbaugh and many others are correct in saying there has been a coup d’etat of our government, not the country, but the government. We once trusted and looked to this government for help in a time of need. Now you pray God you never need that help because of the price you’ll pay in your loss of privacy and rights.
The timeline of unconstitutional bad behavior is nothing more than bad behavior. It's the time between when a trigger is pulled and the blade of a guillotine hammers down on a neck. What we must do is shorten that timeline so the executioner has his day a lot sooner, before the damage is done. – N.P.Contompasis 

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