Friday, June 21, 2013

Tony Soprano Victim of Sicilian Mafia Hit???

Tony Soprano Victim of Sicilian Mafia Hit???
AP – Rome – June 21, 2013
Prior to James Gandolfini’s death the other day, polls taken by Pew, Ratsrotten and Gulp of top Sicilian Mafia Don’s showed an 87% disapproval rating for Tony Soprano on the hit HBO mob series.
They, the mob bosses, sighted Tony’s weakness of having a psychiatrist, not enough Russian girlfriends, not enough killing, not enough robberies, not enough extortion, well not enough of everything. “He was not indicative of real bosses on Sicily” said Vito Paqualli a publicist for the mob. “Sadly, the boys have been very disappointed in Tony for years, after all ones image is everything to the mob” Pasqualli went on to say.
Just prior to his death Tony, I mean James was seen scarfing down gobs of foie gras possibly laced with poison, a popular method of assassination these days by the mob.
An autopsy is being performed on Tony and the results are expected to be released in about 7 years.

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