Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Government Has Made Criminals of Half the Country

Okay, it’s wake-up time America. As you sort through the many scandals our government is now in the middle of, you must stop and analyze what was done, what’s being done and what will be done too you in relation to the swirling revelations oozing from D.C. daily.  
What was done? The IRS and the lack of follow up by our FBI, leads me to believe that our federal government has green-lighted the criminalizing of half the country for what they believe. Yes, that’s correct the beliefs of half of America are now unofficially and covertly unlawful.  
What’s being done? Our government even though caught red-handed continues to implement the most diabolical scheme ever contrived in American history, the alienation of nearly 150 million people. Proof of this is the manner in which the heads of these departments continue to cover up and lie about their plans to suppress the electoral process and Constitutional rights of half of America.  

What will be done? That’s the big question. What will be done depends on you. If you sit back and do nothing, which is what they’re counting on, you will be philosophically enslaved by an inferior form of logic which will eventually destroy everything you know. If you stand up to this tyranny, and I truly mean tyranny, it can be beaten and very easily. But, you first must recognize “what was done, what’s being done and what will be done” on earth as it is in heaven - Amen!! – N.P.Contompasis 

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