Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Hate Elizabeth Warren (D - MA) - Again

Floor Speech in Opposition to Michael Froman's Nomination for USTR

“I am deeply concerned about the transparency record of the U.S. Trade Representative and with one ongoing trade agreement in particular — the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” she said on the Senate floor.

This is the second time I as a Conservative agree with Senator Warren, the first to utter the ridiculous phrase "you didn't build your business" a phrase quickly picked up by President Obama on his campaign for a second term. 

Since when are details to trade negotiations secret? I agree with Warren - AGAIN. Due to the President's lack of concern we have high unemployment. So trade agreements that effect our unemployment situation "are important" for the American people to know about. 
Don't you think we've had enough of secrecy (IRS, NSA, EPA, FBI, JD) from this Administration? - N.P.Contompasis 


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