Monday, October 4, 2010

Obama – Terror Attack Part Three – 3:45 A.M. Saturday October 2nd 2010

It was Saturday afternoon in a northeastern border town of Pakistan when twenty or so Pakistani natives who had acquired citizenship in Germany all knelt to pray together for the last time. Many of them had become despondent with their lives working in BMW plants and doing low-level jobs for their more superior German supervisors. They hated Germany and the arrogant people that always demanded perfection from them. Most were so far from home it would take two years to earn enough to return home during the holy season of Ramadan. Nevertheless, of the now millions of Muslims that lived in Germany these few found a common bond.

They were briefed and finished making their martyrdom tapes for the families they would leave behind. The tapes would also be used as promotional tools for future recruiting tours by al-Quaeda; after all, it was a commodity that always had to be replenished.

President Obama was in a deep sleep when he was awokened by the phone next to his bed, the one he wished wasn’t there. He didn’t like being disturbed and was the kind of person that got cranky if he was disturbed during his normal seven hours of sleep. This was a big one and it was Secretary Gates on the other end informing him of the little gathering in Pakistan of a hit team that was to target European capitals with possibly suitcase nukes. The operative word was possibly because Gates's and Dave’s informants and eavesdropping information wasn’t able to determine if nukes would be used. It was plain to the Pentagon the plan was operational and ongoing. They weren’t sure how many other teams there were and what stage of the operation they were in, but they did have this group in their sights and Gates needed the okay from the President. Since it was Pakistan and they were German citizens Gates wanted the President's seal of approval. With only a few months left on the job Gates didn’t need some international flack over a bunch of fried Paki’s to screw up his last days on the job.

This moment was not a surprise to the President since he had been briefed all week on the intel that was developing on this terrorist attack. At this very moment a C.I.A. drone was circling the dusty old town of three thousand herders and old women. Inside the battered home of this al-Quaeda leader were the young men who were ready to give their lives for Allah.

The President after a few moments of thought gave the Secretary of Defense the go signal to destroy the home with all in it. Gates signaled General Petraeus in Kabul where he signaled the drone operations headquarters in Utah, U.S.A. where four specialists manned the video game of death. With a push of a button the vengeful eagle drone that was circling silently released two missiles armed with specially formulated explosives at the house. Within thirty seconds from when the President gave the okay, the home was disintegrated as the 610th day of the Obama Presidency unraveled his prayer rug.

Special Note:
This has been taken from Now the Eagle a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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