Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Obama – Terror Attack Part Five – 4:44 P.M. Monday October 4th 2010

Bob Woodward’s book “Obama’s War” started the countdown clock on President Karzai of Afghanistan and the President of the United States. When Bob released his book over two weeks ago he described in gruesome detail how the President was allowed to take the reins of America’s longest war from the Joint Chiefs. The Chiefs wouldn’t allow the President to exit the war but would allow him to manage it. This was an age-old tactic used by even the German high command during World War II when they turned over the German Army to Adolph Hitler, thus taking most of the blame off the Generals who were looking for an honorable exit while keeping their heads. Any failure or disaster that occurred over there would now be blamed squarely on the President and the General a la Petraeus would escape blame and clear the way for his Presidential run in 2012.

This was all well and good as long as the average citizen didn’t know about it. Since the release of this book most political strategists, writers and people who wanted to know, found out that, yes, this was truly Barack Obama’s war and his failure.

Behind the scenes Eric Holder was pressuring President Karzai and his brother to either step down or be charged with felonies under the RICO Act. He was promised a free trip back to the states and three square meals while waiting for their convictions for drug dealing. Eric’s trip to Afghanistan several months ago was a first for an Attorney General and he sure didn’t go there for his health, although he nearly died of food poisoning on his way back in a military cargo plane.

Karzai was now a wild card. So, he secretly engaged in talks with the Taliban and planned on turning over the country to them, since Obama wanted his head. He figured screw Obama, all he wanted was to be out of his country any way possible, so he gave it to him on a silver platter. By cutting a deal with the Taliban a ceasefire would be declared and Obama would send the troops home. Both Presidents would declare victory and Karzai could gradually turn over the entire country to the Taliban while he moved to the French Riviera and lived off the hundreds of millions he had stashed away in Switzerland. It was a great plan as long as a car bomb or a bullet from an AK-47 didn’t get in the way.

Karzai figured it would take two years before all of this could happen, giving Obama a feather in his hat by claiming that he got American troops out of Afghanistan honorably, when he ran for re-election in 2012. So, Karzai was key for this transition, and his deal with the Taliban had to hold till at least after the U.S. Presidential election.

For a plan like this to work, in an ever fluid Asian and Middle Eastern Theater was a long shot, but the Presidency of the United States depended on it for Obama. The lives of our troops depended on it, whom most ignored in this high stakes chess game. The future opulent lifestyle of a Muslim strawman-President in Karzai depended on it, and most of all the aspirations of a General who wants only to save his country from all of this insanity, as the 612th day of the Obama Presidency got fitted for a new set of golf clubs.

Special Note:
This has been taken from Now the Eagle a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.


Anonymous said...

The disclaimer at the bottom says the story is fictional. However, what the HELL would the Attorney General be doing flying to foreign countries? As far as I know this NEVER happens. AG territory = domestic criminal/ administrative legal issues, NOT foreign policy. Foreign policy is the domain of the State Dept. aka "Billary"... Not that I think the AG would be able to "prosecute" Karzai or any other foreign leader, but it still begs the question, what the hell was he doing there?

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Sorry friend you couldn't be more wrong. Wait and see. As long as Karzai doesn't get assassinated before.