Saturday, October 30, 2010

In This One Article President Obama's Policy Towards Israel Has Condemned the Jewish State To Destruction - Look How The Middle East Is Divided Now

Associated Press
Turkush document defines Israel as 'central threat'
10/30/2010 13:44

National Security Council in Ankara decides to remove Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia from list of countries that pose threat; first time Turkey defines Israel's actions in M.East as threat.
The Turkish National Security Council approved a few days ago significant changes in a document which contains threats against Turkey claiming that Israel is now a major threat to the country, Turkish media reported Saturday.
Israel was redefined as a "major threat" in the document called "The Red Book."
This is the first time that Turkey has defined Israel's actions in the Middle East as a threat towards it.
The document also stated that Israel's actions may cause countries in the region to begin an "arms race."
At the same time the Council decided to remove Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia from the list of countries that pose a threat to Turkey.
Iran, which was previously a major threat to Ankara was also removed from the list of countries.
The document is valid for five years.
Greece is still defined as a threat against Turkey, however Turkey's neighbor is considered an external threat. " .
The document also states that the Middle East should be free of nuclear weapons.

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