Thursday, August 20, 2009

President Obama vs Rush Limbaugh on the Radio

Today is a historic day if you didn't know. President Obama today has acknowledged by his action of broadcasting on radio during the hours that Rush Limbaugh ( talk show juggernaut )broadcasts that he is losing the battle for the Government Option on health care.

This simple act acknowledges the power and influence of the Limbaugh radio show and Rush Limbaugh himself.

With the President running in full retreat from the majority of US voters this desperate act signals that he just may ram his health care bill through congress infuriating the masses.

One has to question the President's motive to aggravate the average person in America.

Rush has mentioned many times on his show that Obama's motives could be to cause such disruption in America that would lead him to declare martial law and eventually through Presidential orders take your guns and rights.

Rush's worse case scenario seems to be playing out as the people of America continually are ignored.

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