Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Liberal Jews" and "Restitution Blacks" Dominate the Obama Administration

That's right, you don't have to look long at the Obama administration to notice the face and personality of this far left administration.

President Obama has selected some of the most divisive people to be in charge of our most important sectors of government. You know what happens when you appoint controversial people to high posts, you get dysfunction in the organization. Is this what Obama whats? I think so.

You can't take over a country when things are running smoothly. If it's running well you must disrupt it. Than you throw the rule books out and make your own rules. That's where we're headed. Get ready, this will be traumatic to normal people in America. I'm afraid for America and how she will react to this disruption.

With the Face of the Government becoming more and more " Restitution Black" and " Liberal Jew " the majority of Americans "White Christian " will feel unrepresented.

Historically, this is a formula for violence. The form of violence that America has not seen since the King assassination. But, this time a majority will be up in arms and the US military will have to intervene on the side of the majority. This is all part of the cookbook for revolution.

It will all start with a back lash against Blacks and Jews in general even though not all of them voted or support Obama's leftist views. That's why I have written of my frustration with the Gang of 13 Jewish Senators in the US Senate. They have the power to stop Obama. Don't they know where this is all leading. They have even disconnected from their own home land Israel. In a poll taken, 96% of Israelis feel Obama is anti-Israel while the gang of 13 and America Jews support all of Obama's policies.

It will all end violently and quickly with a military take over to stabilize the country.

So, fasten your seat belt, this could get rough !


Anonymous said...

It is UP TO US to wake We The PEOPLE UP! We can stop this if we ALL WORK TOGETHER!

barry bonds said...

"Historically, this is a formula for violence. The form of violence that America has not seen since the King assassination."

The King assassination was carried out by a racist white guy. If you think that there is going to be violence because of Obama's race and the Jews' religion, then that's because of white racism.

I'll tell you this: There won't be violence; Obama will just get unelected in 4 years. That's all.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

I hope your right Barry.