Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last Kennedy is Dead - What Could Have Been What Would Have Been !

As the last Kennedy passes into the pages of history I can't help but recall the many tragedies in American history that are linked to the name Kennedy.
The name Kennedy ......... invokes thoughts and very vivid thoughts of the killing decade, the 60's.
As we entered the 70's with only one of three Kennedy's you have to ask yourself why them? Why was that family targeted as a threat to America ?
Maybe the answer to those questions are being answered in the streets and town hall meetings around the country.
If the Kennedy's had lived we most likely would have been dealing with these same issues, than instead of now. But, as students of history we understand that in those days threats to the social norm were handled in a different way.
The Jack Kennedy thing in Dallas did stink, I have to admit. The Robert Kennedy elimination in Los Angeles also had unusual overtones.
If you take the time to evaluate the assassinations in the 60's you come away feeling that the left was under mortal attack by someone. The military industrial complex of which President Eisenhower warned us of, who knows? But, it sure did smell to high heaven.
The hijacking of the democrat party by the left is now resurrecting the same fears for the majority of Americans.
This fear is just as great as it was back in the 60's and all of this could end up the same way if the same powers are still in place.
My feelings for the left and democrat's are not a secret. So let's not hide a fact.
But when I see President Obama on TV, I see an " occupier " and when I saw Senator Kennedy I saw an "American".

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Michael Clark said...

The Kennedys were tied to the unions and the people who ran them.The Dems are still bending over backwards for the unions. John Kennedy messed up the Cuban invasion and paid for it. Bobby was hated by the unions ,particulary by Hoffa.They both crossed the wrong people. It goes back to their father and his "underground " ties. A great American tradgedy for sure.