Monday, August 24, 2009

Angry President Obama Attacks the Bush Administration as He Losses Ground on his Government Health Option, Cap n Trade and Major Polls.

Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement today to go after CIA employees for torture seems to be another Professor Gate's like reaction from the President. Mr. Obama is not getting his way around the country with polls dropping and bills getting watered down. He is looking more and more like a lame duck president every day.

As his anger grows I just wonder how far he will lash out at the American People. I have stated in prior articles that " America has never felt this level of anger from a president".

Will he rule by executive order ? Will he have to bypass the congress to attack the American People, only time will tell.

You do know he is angry at you the American People. It's you that are effecting his policies and bills on the hill. It's you the American People that have stood up and said NO to his radical agenda.

It's the American People who can change the congress in 2010.
The Obama election was an American mistake and like in the past when this country has flubbed up we have self corrected. Well it's time for the self correcting process to begin.

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