Thursday, August 13, 2009

Run Mr. President, Run as Fast as You Can !

If President Obama doesn't run and I mean run quickly away from the Cap n Trade bill and the National Health Care bill he will be a one term president. It's just that simple. You cannot pass bills that the vast majority do not want. He and the major players in congress who are pushing this junk will pay with their political careers. Their epitaph's will read " Here lies a political fool who forgot the basic principles of politics in a representative Democracy".
That major principle is staying in office as long as possible.
You see we the people have been exposed to the games of wall street over the past two years and have found that if you make a financial product that no one understands "you can sell it".

As we have all learned, that one concept is what almost destroyed our world economic system.
Now, the US Congress and President Obama are doing the very same thing to the American People all over again and the American People are finally getting it.
All around the country they are standing up and speaking out against the wholesale take over of the private sector and the personal privacy that all Americans cherish.
We the American People are not 3rd world people who have always been told what to do and have been held down by a suppressive governments. We are Americans, we will not stand for some government employee ( President Obama ) telling us what to do and when to do it. America wont stand for it.
So, run Mr. President, run as fast as you can..

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