Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Irony of Bill Ayers - Terrorist

By Nicholas Contompasis

In the late 60's as a member of SDS ( Students for a Democratic Society ) and while going to college in the DC area I received an education in radicalism that, frankly, I think every American should be exposed too. The months on the street being involved with the far left opened my eyes to what they really wanted.

My objective in getting involved was simply to stop a war that I thought was mismanaged and was going on to long.

But the more radical side of SDS wanted a complete and utter destruction of our government and our way of life. I for one didn't want any part of that.

The one common thread that united all of us was that we were " angry."

I knew of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn in the group who later branched out into the Weather Underground.

In my exposure or more like indoctrination I realized that for any movement to succeed you must have the guys who will do the unthinkable " terrorism."

The dirty little word that turns a civilized argument into a war and war is just what they wanted.

Let's understand Bill Ayers is, was and always will be a punk. His private access into the oval office should frighten every American. Like I've mentioned he and his friends are no friends to America. I know.

As the Obama Administration attempts to turn the country hard left at breakneck speed it would not surprise me if a symbolic gesture of payback could happen to Bill Ayers.

Signs in politics come in many ways, from a character assassination to an 8 oz. chunk of C-4 as you turn the key of your front door. Now wouldn't that be ironic.


cgpb said...
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cgpb said...

Bill and Bernadine are the most notorious ones. The vast majority of University professors are socialist/ liberal. The most affected group is the Ivy League Colleges. If I say that these universities are vastly invaded by professors forming socialist "cocoons" and or incubators where they "snobotomize"* young brains, I may not be underestimating the problem USA Schools. I am afraid, this could happening all around the world.