Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nicholas Contompasis for President - Who's That You Ask?

Nicholas Contompasis for President, who's that you ask ?
He's you and me. He's just the average US citizen who has lived a long and trying life and just may have something that most politicians don't have, "common sense".

Government today has lost it's common sense and has drifted into the twilight zone. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the way our elected officials make decisions.

Maybe it's time for Joe or Jane Six Pack to be put in congressional positions to bring us in line with the principles that have guided main street for the past 200 plus years.
Term limits would help this to happen. Term limits should be the new battle cry from the people. Term limits would clean out the corruption and good old boy and gal system that is destroying this country. Term Limits !

Someone who will ignore the lobbyists in Washington and make a decision that will benefit the people and not the special interests that seem to be clouding our country's thought processes.

So, next time you vote try voting for "A Nicholas Contompasis" for President.


Michael Clark said...

I was talking to my wife this very morning and term limits was the subject. I agree 100% but you already knew that.

Tamara said...

i just might vote for you!

Nicholas Contompasis said...
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