Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Next President of the United States General David Petraeus Ph.D

As the ancient warrior from the dusty pages of a long forgotten empire steps out into present days light his mission is one. This mission is as old as the history books from which he emerges.
His goal is to right the wrong. His mission is to save his people for whom he has fought for in far off lands, spending years in foreign soil and feeling the blood of many enemies.
His love for his land is full and true. A love that is felt to the core of his being. This love of empire is the common thread that links the people of the empire to him.
As the years pile up in his endeavor to save the empire from the menaces from afar, the storm clouds grow over his homeland.
The threat now is more from within than from afar and the Eagle is watching and waiting. The corrupt leader and senator's of the ancient forum have now pushed the people to the brink of existence.
But, the Eagle is waiting. As this ancient general of the loyal armies dusts off his shield and sharpens his sword and spear he sets his eyes on his homeland.
With a tear in his eye and the wind under his feet he will return to right the wrong, to free the enslaved, to stop the oppression and to ultimately heal the scars of his homeland.
For the Eagle is coming to save his land, to save his people. He is coming to save his America.
And when his mission is met he than can rest back into the ancient page's of history till it's time once again to emerge for the people.


Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the eagle... hope it's not too late!

twistedmuser said...

Wow! Let's hope so! Something needs to save us.

Nick Contompasis said...

He's coming. I know !

liveplayer said...

I was taught to respect the position of the president.. "the position"

I hope the eagle comes sooner than later and when he does... I'm there. They can use my almost 400lbs body to fend off the bullets..

I love my country and it's totally whacked for many years now. Anyone with half a brain sees it.. (they just had it too good on fake money "credit") and they never want that to end. Well.. That life is GONE. Wake up America!

I'll kiss my wife and daughter one day - and walk out the front door.. I'll cry - but I'll do it.

You can bank on it.