Friday, October 18, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz - International Rock Star

Ted Cruz is an international rock star. That’s right Senator Ted Cruz is supported by every member of the G-8, G-20 and G-Everybody-else, but they’ll never admit it publicly. You see the leading industrial nations of planet Earth want and need a strong USD (U.S. Dollar). Without the stability of the American currency, we here take for granted, it would lead to political and economic chaos around the world.
Since the 2008 global economic crisis most markets have been taken over and controlled by central banking entities. They now run the stock market, the housing market, the commodity market and yes the interest market. The interest market is the one no one talks about but there is a lock on rates globally. These locks are there to make sure the U.S. isn’t forced into a default or a bankruptcy which would happen quickly if rates were allowed to seek normal levels.
You see since 2008 we now live in a false capitalist world where everything is predictable and nothing is at risk.
Now back to Senator Cruz. World leaders want the U.S. to be responsible when it comes to our fiscal matters. They want their currencies to work and for that to happen the U.S.D. must be stable. A devaluation of our currency would adversely affect theirs thus they, under their breath, support what Senator Ted Cruz stands for.
So, Senator Cruz shouldn't despair and neither should the Tea Party because they are on the path the vast majority of the world wants us to be on, they just don’t know it or wont say it. – N.P.Contompasis

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