Saturday, October 26, 2013

Globalism and Why It Will Fail - N.P. Contompasis

Don't believe the Left/Globalists when they criticize Capitalism, a word they've successfully demonized around the world. Historically, this demonization started with the old failed Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics - communist Russia and now have been picked up by Globalists. This should be your first red flag, to coin a phrase, when analyzing Globalism.
When it comes to illegal immigration, Capitalism is what keeps people from immigrating not redistribution of global wealth which is what Globalists like our President is trying to institute. Capitalism is what creates jobs and wealth in home countries not Globalism. With the suppression of Capitalism by Globalists comes political and civil unrest in home countries that forces mass migrations like we're experiencing now in Europe and North America.
Unfortunately, like the old Soviet Union Globalism never quite gets around to properly redistributing the wealth, thus we get illegal immigration, economic and political unrest in home countries.
You may ask why are Globalists so hellbent on redistributing your wealth, your standard of living? Well, the answer is simple. Leaders of the globalist movement are the middlemen for the biggest shift in global wealth in recorded history and that shift will make them rich and more powerful than any empire of the past, even ours.
You may ask, again, where do I stand in all of this? Well, unfortunately my answer to you would be nowhere!!! - N.P.Contompasis

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