Friday, October 25, 2013

Dr. Michael Savage Back on Top

Dr. Michael Savage went from the bottom and in a few months to the top of talk radio. I wondered why his rescheduling on most radio stations to prime time occurred until tonight while listening to him. 
Dr. Savage will be spearheading the next wave against Islam. Tonight he proudly recognized George Bush as the one President that understood Islams quest for world domination. Tonight he went into the history of Islam and the how and why they now dominate much of the third world.
Talk radio is about to get real interesting America. As Dr. Savage's history tells, he takes no prisoners and tells it like it is.
Straight talk is what America needs. More of Savage is what America needs.
And as he played great jazz tonight I can invision the San Franciscan fog bank crawling into the city. It's martini time at Bix. - N.P.Contompasis

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