Monday, October 28, 2013

Obama's Snooping Top Global Story

President Obama, and of all people Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News in the U.S. have something in common. They both headed up organizations that violated privacy laws by tapping/recording phone conversations, emails, voice mails and just about anything transmitted digitally. They both either knowingly or unwittingly benefited from this information. As the News of the World, Murdock’s defunct English newspaper trial begins in London today; President Obama is being attacked, across the Atlantic, for violating the privacy of millions of Spaniards, French, Germans, and nearly all heads of state including every American.
The irony of NSA/CIA former contract working Edward Snowden’s release of a barrage of new eavesdropping claims made by Obama, on the eve of this very public trial in London causes one to wonder if it wasn’t perfectly timed. Rupert Murdoch so far has escaped the long arm of the law but Obama is about to be grilled well-done over his NSA snooping globally.
It was thought George Bush was the most hated man in the world prior to Obama’s entrance, but now it seems President Obama could surpass Bush’s global hatred with his obviously politically motivated snooping on heads of state and just about every celebrity and powerful person in Europe. Make no mistake about it the top story in Europe today and most likely all this week is Obama’s snooping.

The world is angry at our country, our NSA and President Obama. Our once loyal allies are now starting to realize that Obama is no friend and is capable of using anything, like a spited school girl to get his way with them. Dirt is dirt and our President’s motives have by his very actions relegated the American Presidency and stature of our country to a new low. – N.P.Contompasis 

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