Saturday, October 19, 2013

"GLOBALISM" Defined - N.P. Contompasis

1. “IMMIGRATION REFORM” - This is nothing more than “NO BORDERS” or “GLOBALISM.” No borders means that just about anyone can immigrate to the United States especially if you’re not white. This is what’s happening in Europe to their shock. But it’s the ‘GLOBALIST” plan to shuffle the world’s population from the not so nice places to the nice places. We are now witnessing this in Europe, the turning of nice places into not so nice places.

2. “OBAMACARE AND FOOD LAWS” - Proposed restrictions on foods you can and cannot buy is part of our new national health care system “ObamaCare.” It’s to make sure that the coming millions of immigrants from the 3rd world have health care when they arrive. This also falls in line with the vast majority of nations and U.N. doctrine that have and mandate national health care systems. And let’s not forget the cost saving which this government will be hell bend in doing when they realize how much ObamaCare will cost the taxpayer. Banning a vast majority of evil high sodium, high fat, high nitrate, high everything foods from our shelves is just over the horizon when the government starts rationing medical care to people that violate and eat these so called unhealthy foods. It is coming it’s just a matter of time. 
The insidious government scheme to create dependency on our food stamp system will eventually capture all in its web when the government will dominate and take full control of the farming, food processing and distribution industries in America. They then will dictate what goes on the shelves of soviet style government stores, controlling the entire food chain from the fields to your plate. 

3. “BULLYING AND HATE SPEECH LAWS” - These laws are now being enforced and strengthened, but not so much for little Janie who lived down the street that committed suicide because a few of her friends made fun of her on Facebook. It’s because your government wants laws in place when millions of very odd immigrants start living here. The laws are made, in their eyes, to stop conflict and punish aggressive speech and behavior. In other words restrict your Freedom of Speech and your right to protest. Calling someone a “dirty Muslim” will someday be a felony punishable by weeks in a reeducation camp explaining why you’re a bigot and racist.

4. “THE PRESS” - Many ask why the Mainstream Media are so in with the White House and President Obama’s agenda. This is a two part answer. First, it’s because the vast majority of them belong to the “GLOBALIST” organization called The Council on Foreign Relations. Two of the three interviewers in our past Presidential debates are members. Most of your top talking heads and owners of media outlets are members and they all march in lockstep to the “GLOBALIST” agenda. Second and the most pressing part to this question is The New Media that compete for eye-time and are winning. The Mainstream Media are dinosaurs that are falling out of favor with the vast majority of Americans. Financially many of them couldn't survive without Obama government handouts as in commercials paid by the government or quasi-governmental organization such as General Motors, General Electric and many Union monopolized companies. This revenue streams into ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN and is their live line to those big paychecks and stock offerings that make all of the liberals in New York and Los Angeles rich.

5. “PATRIOTISM” – Patriotism is the new curse word for “GLOBALISTS.” The Tea Party is “PATRIOTISM” in bold red, white and blue letters and they hate them. “GLOBALISTS” will stop at nothing, as you have seen with the IRS, FBI and NSA scandals. It wouldn't surprise most freedom loving Americans if President Obama tomorrow made a similar statement about the New England Patriots, as he did about the Washington Redskins, to change their name because it sparks nationalistic spirit amount the populous, and we can’t have that. You see nationalism and patriotism to a “GLOBALIST” historically have cause wars and discrimination among weaker countries and peoples. There will be no more of that, say the “GLOBALIST.” And that’s what brings me to number 6 “ARMIES”.

6. “ARMIES” – Vast armies are evil and start wars, big wars. Armies kill and maim millions, so say the “GLOBALIST”. That’s why they must all be dismantled. No armies, no war. Naive isn't it, but that’s what they think and they’re doing just that this very moment, dismantling the last super-power’s military, the United States military. As our President retreats from hot spots around the world, thus relying on global courts to punish leaders that step out of line, he cuts away at our self-defense. The one big bold proof of what’s happening is the beefing up of our local police forces as evidenced by armored police vehicles and military equipped personnel in our annual 4th of July parades. This shifting of priorities from a foreign enemy to a domestic one should trouble all Americans. Red flags should be popping up in every municipal meeting across the country. Could it be that when the secret is out that “GLOBALIST” plans aren't to America’s liking, there could be trouble? It seems they expect just that, doesn't it?
As witnessed since 9/11 we haven’t had that many terrorist attacks or threats to warrant this degree of militarization of our police forces across the country.
This now leads me to the largest standing “ARMY” in the world, the American people. “GLOBALISTS” would do anything to disarm the American people because if you added all of our military and local police forces you wouldn't even come close to the firepower in America’s closets and under beds. This is the force that still to this day keeps us free, nothing else. “GLOBALISTS” won’t admit it but they are deathly afraid of an American man or woman with a gun. That’s why they must restrict, confiscate, diminish and demonize the use of firearms in America. You are, to the undying thanks to our founders, the last line between freedom and tyranny. You must never stop defending that line America.

7. “GOD and RELIGIONS” – This leads me to the big one, “GOD”. God ranks right at the top of a “GLOBALISTS” enemy’s list. God has been the cause of all wars to them. He or she whichever your prospective ranks above “Armies” as the one major reason for every war in history. God and government can’t mix if you’re a “GLOBALIST”. This is why Democrats keep appointing anti-God members of the Supreme Court to the bench. This is why they ignore the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It’s because our founders have injected the will of God into the rights that all men and woman are granted. God granted, not a man or a woman granted.
So this must all be changed, in their eyes, and the way they intend on doing that is by creating a newer higher authority which will be recognized as a world government, “GLOBALISM”. They intend on bypassing our Constitution.
I won’t call it a New World Order; let’s just say it’s an extension of United Nations treaties, N.A.T.O. and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, to make it visually more understandable.
Back to God, as you have seen through our President’s actions he has no time for Christianity and for that matter any religion. I know many of you believe he favors Islam more than Christianity, but in fact he favors no religion or God above himself! I can see you agreeing.

This explains with crystal-clear clarity why the “GLOBALIST” agenda is flawed and will fail. “Globalism” is ego based.
Make no mistake about it our President has every intention of heading up this new government along with his ego. But we have too many examples of failed nation states and leaders that have followed this flawed path of egocentric motive. He will find that greatness is not found in the organization you head but within one’s self. This is something our President will sadly find out the hard way. Let’s pray he doesn't take too many of us with him.

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