Monday, September 2, 2013

Why the Anti-fossil Fuel Crowd are Up a Creek Without a Paddle - I find it interesting that the United Nations, Hollywood and the Obama Administration continue to condemn fossil fuels while third world countries who are now finding an abundance of it are generating billions for their poor. Of the 193 members of the United Nations 129 are oil producing countries and there are more and more every year with the help of new and improved drilling techniques. The vast majority are third world. Are you going to tell them to stop drilling, stop pumping and starve their people? Didn’t think so! Fascinating isn't it??? Isn't it more important to feed the poor than let them starve over an unproven theory of climate change/global warming? Again, this is more of the shortsightedness of the liberal mind. Here is just a small list of those third world counties: NIGERIA, ANGOLA, ALGERIA, LIBYA, KAZAKHSTANE, MAYLASIA, SUDAN, REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, VIETNAM, YEMEN, CHAD, CAMEROON, ROMANIA, PERU AND ON AND ON AND ON. - N.P.Contompasis

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