Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Party "Domestic Terrorists" - President Obama

The Conservative wing of the Republican Party has been around for decades and frankly a hundred years ago both sides of the isle practiced the same principals shown by Conservative-Tea Party representatives. You could almost say from the beginning our country was guided and governed on these conservative principals. This is the wing of the party that produced Ronald Reagan, definitely one of the best Presidents our country has ever had. Even President Obama and many far left elected officials have quoted him and yet they, the Obama Administration are seeking ways to demonize, criminalize and permanently illuminate them.
The rhetoric coming from President Obama, Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi of late is now at a level not seen since the Civil War. Adjectives used to describe the Tea Party and the Conservative wing of the Republican Party are now so inflammatory you would think there was a shooting war going on outside the granite walls of the Capital.
Words like anarchists (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid), political terrorism (former Vice President Al Gore), extremists (Minority Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi) and most importantly President Obama told AP reporter Ramona Darlington that “Members of the Tea Party fit the profile of domestic terrorists,” while in Tanzania.  
So, now we have the President of the United States calling Tea Party members domestic terrorists. We have the IRS targeting for audits and denial of non-profit status conservatives and members of the Tea Party. We have the director of the FBI acting dumbfounded when asked questions about his investigations of Tea Party members and the violations of their Constitutional rights by the Obama Administration.
It’s obvious if it were not for the staggering numbers that support the Tea Party and their elected officials in Congress most members including this author would already be in jail, yes jail!
Senator Ted Cruz this week jammed the Tea Party in Obama’s face with his so-called filibuster defunding ObamaCare and the President didn’t like it one bit. The President is very angry now and sees the liberal keystone to socialism ObamaCare being chopped off at the knees by this Tea Party leader.

I say good for Cruz and good for the Tea Party which is growing again as ObamaCare nears less than 48 hours to implementation. Of course this article will most likely guarantee me a private cell at GITMO but who cares right? If we can do anything to destroy this President’s designs on our country the better off we’ll be. – N.P.Contompasis  

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