Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama – Second Term – After the Fall

The defrocked betrayed General Petraeus met with two of his recently retired Generals in a suburban Northern Virginia setting hardly saying a word. There was no need for words; it was the body, hand, head, along with eye movements and facial expressions that said it all. Every movement said something in code. They made plans for this moment years in advance if the country had sunk to a new low. The secret oath, the loyal opposition, it was the coup d'état of America. Every word was communicated without detection by the spy satellite stationed overhead; still busy recording every digital move. Six NSA observers scattered throughout the busy café kept bumping into each other in a confused state not quite understanding what they were watching.
The Generals were meeting for the last time before their plan was to unfold. They were now in a race to save the country from a planned foreign policy failure that would cripple the U.S. for decades. Everyone spoke of the American decline but this event would set in motion irreversible events that would change America possibly forever. The Generals knew of this plan that came from the top, the White House.
The President had just met with his White House advisors on Syria and everything was going as planned. Obama had purposely stuck his neck out, a year ago, by drawing the red line on Syria and now with his delay to act the clock was ticking on the sinking of six U.S. war ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and Petraeus couldn’t let that happen!
– From the novel “Now the Eagle” by N.P. Contompasis

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