Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Demonetization of the Tea Party and the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party

Ronald Reagan was the last Conservative President. Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy was about the destruction of the Soviet Union and America’s eventual dominance internationally based on American Exceptionalism. For the past 25 years America has become that dominate “Shining City on a Hill.”
Now, after the near meltdown in 2008 of the world economy, caused by liberal greed, this theory has been demonized and its followers, Conservatives and Tea Party members have been targeted by the socialist Obama Administration.
If the Obama Administration wanted, they could do exactly what the Egyptian military is doing to the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t anything like the American Exceptionalism, Conservatism and the Tea Party, but it is hated just as much by the President of the United States and his ilk.
American Exceptionalism is real and not a theory. This real philosophy is the guiding light of the Tea Party and Conservatism in America. Don’t let the Liberal wing of our government ever get away with one word of demonization of this movement. Revel in it, embrace it, wrap yourself up in it, for its what made this country great not International Standardization or a New World Order. – N.P.Contompasis
American Exceptionalism - American exceptionalism is the theory that the United States is "qualitatively different" from other nations.[2] In this view, America's exceptionalism stems from its emergence from a revolution, becoming what political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset called "the first new nation"[3] and developing a uniquely American ideology, "Americanism", based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republicanism,populism and laissez-faire.[4] This ideology itself is often referred to as "American exceptionalism."[4]

Although the term does not necessarily imply superiority, many neoconservative and American conservative writers have promoted its use in that sense.[4][5] To them, the United States is like the biblical shining "City upon a Hill", and exempt from historical forces that have affected other countries. – Wikipedia 

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