Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Simple Words Said with Courage is All This World Needs Now

By Nicholas Contompasis 
Twenty five years ago, when men were men, and Presidents were Presidents, one of the greatest men in American history stood before the world, in the free side of Berlin and demanded the tyranny that is Socialism, tear down it’s wall of failure.
Twenty five years ago today President Ronald Reagan saw the Berlin Wall for what it was an utter disaster that enslaved peoples of all races, colors and creeds.
For some reason America has conveniently ignored the name that was the biggest threat to mankind, the U.S.S.R. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
The word “Socialist” in this name should ring warning bells across America when they see a now sitting President following the same dictatorial doctrine that walled up its people from the outside world, told them what to say, how to think and God was passé. Sound familiar?
The Jews of the world make it a point to keep reminding us of our cruelty by keeping alive the horror of the Holocaust. So, I wonder why, with all due respect to the Jews of the world would our country ignore a far more ruthless tyranny that killed and enslaved tens of millions more then the NAZI’s of Germany?
A brave and courageous President Reagan on this day just twenty five years ago stood and demanded that the tyrant tear down his wall. Those words of encouragement and freedom were heard around the world, words we never hear from our sitting President.
Like “the shot heard round the world” so many years earlier, President Reagan’s words were greeted by all freedom loving people as the defining moment in history that tore down the wall, freed millions and brought dignity and God given rights to the oppressed people of the world.
Simple words said with courage is all this world needs now.

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