Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't be Afraid to Spike That Football America

By Nicholas Contompasis

The word on the street is that Liberal politicians and the mainstream media are now scheduling spots on TV, radio and all other outlets to defend a Supreme Court putdown of ObamaCare. If the thinking is correct and ObamaCare is struck down next week what then???
The Stock Market – If ObamaCare is struck down this coming week it’s my belief that the Dow Jones will surge at least 1,000 points the first day. With the added costs and uncertainty of this oppressive bill off the private sector's back they can now move forward in hiring and expansion that’s been put off since the passage of the bill.
Health Insurance premiums – It’s my belief that the coverage of children up to the age of 26 will go away, mandatory coverage of preexisting illness will go away, the coverage of contraceptives will no longer be covered, for all of you religious organizations. Someone tell Ms. Fluke. Of course this would mean there would be no reason for waivers because all health insurance providers’ premiums should go down for every American, yes even union members.
Politics – Because the private sector will start to hum again, it will illustrate to independent voters who are still on the fence on Obama, that his policies have been hurting them for the past three years since the passage of ObamaCare. Of course it will take a few years for our economy to ramp up to normal. A Romney Presidency will accelerate that, but the shutdown of this bill will not have enough time to help President Obama economically in his attempt at reelection.
Leftist Reaction – Look for the Leftists in this country to bombard the airwaves with fear and destruction. They will point out how bad the old way of insuring America was by not including grown children on your policies, not covering preexisting conditions and lower health premium payments. I threw the last one in to see if you’re paying attention. Furthermore, they will try and make it a point that if you vote for Obama he’ll get these benefits back for you, but it won’t work since the vast majority of Americans understand what ObamaCare is, invasion of your privacy and the destruction of your God given right.
In conclusion – Next week will prove to be quite hectic but satisfying for most Americans, so don’t be afraid to spike the football straight up the asses of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the thugs that rammed this bill through Congress!!! 

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