Friday, June 1, 2012

For Greater Glory - Vice President Marco Rubio

“For Greater Glory” the movie being released today staring Andy Garcia “A CUBAN AMERICAN FROM FLORIDA” depicts a historic event in Mexico where the government tried to wipe out the Catholic Church. There is a parallel to the Obama Administration’s attempt to run roughshod over Christian churches in America implementing ObamaCare.
The timing of this movie is interesting since we are in an election year and the Christian church is defending itself from a full frontal assault from Obama.
What I find more interesting is that Mitt Romney’s list of possible Vice Presidential candidates has Marco Rubio “A CUBAN AMERICAN FROM FLORIDA” at the top of his list.
In my book I see a connection Andy Garcia Cuban American from Florida – Movie defending the Christian Church – Election year – Marco Rubio Cuban American from Florida – Vice President Marco Rubio!!!
You have to go further and ask yourself what’s a bigger deal, a movie defending the Christian Church or a movie that tries to frame Obama as the great leader that killed Osama bin-Laden???
It looks like the battle for Hollywood is on and we have a good dog in the fight. – N.P.Contompasis

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