Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Takes Control of Egypt – Israel Under Threat – Obama’s Foreign Policy Fails Again

By Nicholas Contompasis

Everyone laughed at Glenn Beck for the past year as he kept hammering that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt and it would be the beginning of a Muslim Caliphate – a block of united religiously led Muslim countries.
Well, the pundits aren’t laughing anymore and our closest ally Israel now has another enemy to deal with, Egypt.
Mohamed Morsi is now the President of Egypt. He is the candidate that was backed by the Muslim Brotherhood to take control and he has. So far the Egyptian military which at this point has played in the background as powerbrokers hold the key to peace in the region. The decades old peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is now in jeopardy as the historically violent Muslim Brotherhood slowly wraps its tentacles around the Egyptian people.  
It’s no secret that the Obama Administration sponsored groups to help overthrow President Mubarak last year.  I have researched this thoroughly and have found that 501-c-3 nonprofits funded by our State Department used social media networks and U.S. labor union representatives to influence the people of Egypt. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over the revolution that occurred in Egypt.
With the Muslim Brotherhood now legitimately in control in Egypt there is no doubt that the election of President Morsi can be chalked up as another Obama blunder.
The homeland of Jews is now in further jeopardy, U.S. influence has been severely weakened in the region, non-Muslims mainly Christians in Egypt are now under threat, Iran has been strengthened and our Middle-eastern oil supplies are now further threatened. All of this has happened because Barack Obama would not support a decades old friend of the U.S. and Israel.  
The world is not a safer place because of President Obama’s failed foreign policies, it’s a more dangerous place.


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Hey Nick, just visiting you!!!

Anonymous said...

obama "blunder" you say??? barack hussein obama knows full well what he's doing! As one of the muslim bros. himself, this is just one more part of his plan to take America down and enable sharia law to spread! Don't give him credit for "making mistakes" or "being inept". He KNOWS what he's doing!