Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Islam and How They Treat Women

This morning I received a BBC report on Muslims, female Muslims who are now starting to get upset over the way they’re being treated by Muslim men when it comes to their religion and how it’s practiced. The report went on to say that women pray behind men in a Mosque whenever they go. In an interview with several Muslim men, it was confirmed they didn’t want women going to the Mosque to pray. They all stated “women should stay home and pray, that’s where they belong.”
So, being a Muslim woman, religion places you second ahead of men. Of course, we already knew that Islam was doing this, but now their women are being exposed to Western education and they’re starting to rebel.
What I find so fascinating about this is where are the warm and cuddly arms of the Liberal Left drawing in these oppressed women, marching with them in the streets, creating hiding places to protect them when they run away from their overbearing husbands, creating underground-railroads transporting them out of the Middle East or European counties? They could at least write articles of their outrage, but all we hear is silence from the Liberal cowardly Left. Could it be that their great leader in the White House would look down on any attack of Islam? It seems so! – N.P.Contompasis

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