Thursday, May 24, 2012

True Logic

By Nicholas Contompasis

It seems that all of the arrogance and stupidity in America is concentrated in Washington D.C. What makes a government think that they can control the weather? What makes a government think they can afford to keep everyone happy? What makes a government think they can keep ignoring the fundamentals of economics and continue to exist? What makes a government think they can ignore the constitution and laws of the land while still saying they are a government of the people?
These are all questions that patriotic Americans’ know the answer too, arrogance and stupidity!!! So, why do they? The simple answer is, they’re out of control and need to be stopped by the very people that put them there, you!
As precious moments click by the American dream is gradually becoming a mirage of unachievable dreams for you, your children and future generations.
I feel as though I keep repeating myself, day after day and no one is listening. The Presidential polls, if America is listening should have Romney way out in front of Obama, but yet we see this ebb and flow, back and forth with one candidate that represents our current situation and one who promises a better situation.
If the people of our country truly understood our condition, there would be no question who would win the election in November. And yet we see a country partially brainwashed of true logic. That’s what bothers me most, the inability of a vast number of Americans to see that the water they’re floating in is boiling.

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