Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Declares War on White Christians

By Nicholas Contompasis 

The Obama Administration along with the IRS, FBI, and Attorney General’s Office have arranged a meeting with major black Christian churches in the United States to basically spell out Obama’s new guidelines they must follow so they don’t lose their nonprofit status with the IRS. Remember, contributions to religious organizations are tax deductible as long as they maintain their nonprofit status. Rush Limbaugh today reviewed this situation on his radio show and came up with some reasons why this meeting is happening, but missed the most obvious and the most alarming. By only meeting with black Christian churches he’s showing a preference and a free pass out of any future problem if they step out of line. But more importantly it’s a method of intimidating the white Christian churches, specifically the Catholic Church. They aren’t meeting with them! Again, this move was made not one week after the Catholic Church and its many organizations filed suit with HHS and the Obama Administration for its mishandling of the beginning implementations of ObamaCare. The Obama Administration that professed unity before taking office has started the biggest legal war in American history and they’re treading on thin ice by alienating every white Christian in America. In an election year, taking this position is political suicide for any Presidential candidate.

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