Saturday, May 26, 2012

Food Stamps, Needles and Abortions

America - Do you know how many Black Senators there are in the United States Senate???? Just take a wild ass guess!!!! 
It seems that the white Democrat Party has locked out 12% of Americans from the highest legislative group in the land. The Democrat Party does represent 85% of Black America, CORRECT??? Who's the racist now??? Think people think!!!
The states where blacks should be holding Senatorial seats like New York, California and Illinois, most are filled by liberal Jews who make sure that they have plenty of food stamps, needles and abortions to get through till Election Day!!!
Now, these same despicable people want to corrupt the Latino community in the same way. Don't let it happen America. - N.P.Contompasis

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Shannah said...

I take offense at your comment. "Liberal Jews..." what makes you think they are all Jews? I dare say the grand majority of them claim to be some form of Christian, not Jews. Most christians are going to be terribly put out whey the Messiah returns and they are then required to lay Teffelin, wear Talit and Kippah, Mikvah and OH DEAR! BE JEWISH!