Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Outed Again in Massachusetts

By Nicholas Contompasis

Elizabeth Warren who is running against Scott Brown Republican Senator from Massachusetts may have lied again about her checkered past. Two weeks ago she was outed as not being a minority Native American. This week she’s been outed again for claiming something that could never be substantiated. She claims to be the first women in New Jersey to have taken the Bar Exam while nursing a child. It seems there are no records kept since 1895 when women started taking the Bar in New Jersey, convenient, huh?? This woman is one big fraud, sound familiar???? 


Anonymous said...

How did Pochahontas know this fact? Did she distribute a survey at the time to see who all had given birth and nursed in prior years during their bar exam? Elizabeth, the gift that just keeps on giving!

Anonymous said...

do me a favor?.. dont make your support of my country israel quite so loud.. the sophistication of your political philosophy is embarrassingly simplistic and does not serve peace, jews, the bible, G-d and whatever else it is you think you are supporting at all well. thanks.

Anonymous said...

i guess not being truly interested in an exchange of ideas... i wont get to see my previous post about israel... just a hunch..