Tuesday, February 16, 2010

States' Rights - The New Battleground

As time goes by I’ve come to realize the importance of states’ rights to the American people. If you’ve noticed, Republicans are now winning the coveted gubernatorial seats of many states around the country. On the national scene these positions seem to be a bit mundane for the power brokers in Washington and have been overlooked by many who are seeking a higher power. But don’t be fooled by these somewhat forgotten positions. In the coming years these governors will be on the front line in the battle to dominate state governments by the centralized federal juggernaut.
These governors will have to resist federal dollars and programs that will try and draw them into a web of a more socialist government coming out of D.C. Our forefathers realized that an over dominant federal government will eventually destroy the country itself. Many historians have correctly pointed out that the United States would have imploded already if it were not for our states rights.
As Tip O’Neil once said “all politics are local” and so they are! The people now are voting for Republicans who hopefully will resist this new tyranny coming from an unsuspected place, Washington D.C. President Obama just may have overreached in his attempt to control the states. More people are waking up to this diabolical scheme to control every aspect of their lives. The federal government wants to control everything you eat to how you insulate your home. They don’t like salt in your food along with trans fats, what next, sugar, of course.
The congress is looking into passing the biggest destruction of states’ rights by passing a health care bill that will send tentacles into everyone’s financial and personal lives.
So it’s even more important for this new breed of governor, like the ones in New Jersey and Virginia to succeed. One should watch closely what happens in New Jersey especially as Governor Christie attempts to unwind one of the biggest messes any governor has ever been handed. For the brave governors and the people who vote them in will be the real heroes that will save our country. Make no mistake, we are all in trouble, and to overlook this very important part of our government would be a huge error. Just as the federal government swooped in and took over banks and car companies they are looking at our states as the next big takeover and you should be very concerned.


Anonymous said...

Governors are getting financially creamed by the Feds with Medicare, border issues, illegals, Federal prisons just to mention a few. Legacy costs are going to be the deal breakers just as unemployment is. God Bless Cristie for his hard line yet bold and correct decision. California, NY, FL, NV need to watch Texas and learn. Nice write up, well done and well said. Spongedocks

Rotti said...

Michigan needs to use him as an example. We have a huge union presence, and we need a gov that is not afraid to take on the union.

Anonymous said...

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Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein waited nine days before announcing the punishment at a news conference following the government's weekly cabinet meeting Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

A panel discussion on the threat posed by "Islamic supremacism," Shariah and political correctness has been scheduled for this week's Conservative Political Action Conference, stirring complaints from some American Muslims that the exercise amounts to Muslim-bashing.

The two-hour session, titled "Jihad: The Political Third Rail," is set for Friday morning, right in the middle of the three-day annual summit of conservative icons and activists in Washington, D.C.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, pay attention and get behind this war effort or we're going to find ourselves under Shariah Law!

Anonymous said...

California ya think you've got problems? Hot off the press: Zsa Zsa Gabor's 8th husband, you remember this guy....claimed to be Anna Nicole's lover, well hang on to your seats, he's running for Governor!

Anonymous said...

I just pulled myself up off the floor after reading the previous post, only to read the possibility of John Mellencamp running for the US Senate seat vacated by Evan Bayh.

Anonymous said...

They're delusional. Ain't happening.