Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Obama Death Spiral

The swearing in of Senator Scott Brown today is the official beginning of the end of the Obama Administration. For the last 12 months it was the American people who awoke every morning from the hangover of the prior day’s insanity, than to be faced with a new day of Socialist mismanagement and chaos. We thought it would never end as Obama and his fellow idiot congressmen rushed towards the edge of their own political cliff.
Now, it’s the democrats that are waking up with fear in their eyes. Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff is only days from resigning because of comments made about the hard-line supporters of the President, calling them “fucking retards” which no truer words have been spoken but nonetheless, not a very nice thing to say.
The health care and cap and trade bills look as though their dead for now, so the majority of Americans can breathe a sigh of relief. We now have the misplaced terrorist trials headed out of New York to most likely the middle of an Illinois corn field. Speaking of Illinois, based on primaries for the illustrious President’s senatorial seat, indications are, it could go to a republican. Big surprise, after all, most of the democrats running against the Republicans are either under investigation or soon to be. This was further proof that the Massachusetts miracle still had plenty of legs. To add to this, polls keep tumbling for all democrats in congress as more American people wake up.
What is now glaringly obvious to most Americans is the Presidents propensity to lie. This character flaw seems to be the final death nail in his political career. Not even his followers can tolerate this fatal imperfection that is now affecting their own credibility.
But the biggest development that most political analysts seem to be overlooking is the silence. The silence coming from the left is leaving the President swinging in the breeze. These supporters of the President are looking for the exits as on a daily basis the Administration fumbles just about everything. This silence is now becoming a problem for him. Up until now he’s had just about everyone supporting and promoting his agenda. Now they see his agenda and they’re not so sure that he’s the great messiah most expected. The President is now out there on his own, in a slow death spiral. He’s now alone and is running out of friends to blame his mistakes on. The President is now famous for throwing everyone he knows under the bus for his own missteps. So it looks like nobody wants to be the next victim of this inexperienced, egocentric, ideologue.

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