Tuesday, February 2, 2010

President Barrack Obama is a Liar

Everything that comes out of this president’s mouth is a lie. What a sad thing to say about the leader of your country. Yes, but it’s true, he lies about everything. He lies even about his lies. I’ve actually lost track of all of these lies. I watched him and marked down his promises and visions for America during the campaign. I followed his promises during the first year of his Presidency and he lied continually over and over again.
When I listen to him during his speeches he says things that are flatly not true. I know because I’ve researched his statements and they make no sense in a world of factual reality. The lies just ooze from his skin, as he smiles and pretends, as though the country has no problems, well at least not his problems.
I think most Americans are now starting to figure this out and are watching him speak but not listening to what he says. After a while most people will eventually just turn to another channel. That will be the day and its coming soon enough, that this presidency will be truly dead, but will it?
This has happened to virtually all dictators and tyrants throughout history. The people simply stop listening because the promises are never kept and the lies keep masking the truth. But, when that happens something else occurs that’s not very pretty.
Historically, you the people will be ordered to listen to their crap. You, and I say you because, by that time I’ll be in the mountains smoking cigars, growing a beard and organizing the resistance, while you're being marched out to your local stadium for national simulcasts starring the Grand Poobah.
This may be the unfortunate future for the American people if we don’t stop this insane governing. Reality and truth must guide this country not greed and lies.


BlessedONE333 said...

You are correct. 100% of everything the NWO puppet reads off the teleprompter is a lie. but barry soetoro is only doing what they hired him to do... destroy the US Constitution and our bill of rights

Pete Hawryschuk said...

Nick, I am little sad the American people took so long to get wise to him, but heartened that they have now. I just worry that we will lose momentum by the '10 & '12 elections. Rush's warning (...third parties only elect Dems...)makes me uncertain. Should we pursue classic Poli-Sci strategy and capture the middle of the political spectrum or should we go with a third, independent, liberatarian party??? What do you say in response to Rush's warning?