Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question's About Your Country You Should Be Answering

Sometimes you can spark more interest by simply asking a question. So, what I’ve done is list a few questions that I think every American should be trying to answer. If you really care about your family and your country this exercise could help organize your thoughts. Many questions I know you can't answer. Just remember these are questions at the heart of our national debate which someday could turn violent. So, what you think about these issues matter.
Does the national debt matter to you?
Does who is holding our national debt matter to you?
Does the value of the US dollar matter to you, and why?
Does your standard of living matter to you?
Does the national debt affect your standard of living?
Does it matter to you how many workers are in the government and private sectors?
Does it matter to you how much tax you have to pay from your hard earned wages?
Does it matter to you who are the leaders of your country?
Does it matter to you how your children and grandchildren will live?
Do you care about the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and have you ever read them?
Do you care about your identity as an American and if so, do you feel it should continue?
Do you feel your government is protecting you against our enemies?
Do you feel happy about your government?
Do you feel our government is corrupt?
Does what’s being taught in public schools matter to you?

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