Friday, February 5, 2010

My Address to the National Tea Party in Nashville

To my fellow members of the National Tea Party who have taken the time to meet here in Nashville, I commend you. For you are the true lovers of liberty and the people who America can always count on. You’re the ones who unselfishly take up arms to defend our country in time of war. You’re the citizens who don’t need the government to tell you to live a responsible life. You’re the people who love our country with all your heart.
It has been a trying year for all freedom loving Americans and you have made the difference in a sea of political corruption, anti-American and anti-God rhetoric. All of the work you have done this year has sent the message loud and clear. You’re done with business as usual in Washington. The party is over. The mini monarchies of Senators and Congressmen with their endless reins in congress are over. They’ve set themselves up as false gods and this will end, now.
The majority of people too busy to join us but continue to raise children and work hard to support their families will be there when it’s time to vote these destructive politicians out of office.
Your hard work over the past year has not been ignored. You have shaken the marble halls of congress to its core. Every congressmen from the Senate to the House of Representatives who once mocked you, now fear you and rightfully so. For you are the people, you are the power that has been overlooked for so many decades. Now, is your time, now is the peoples' time to take the government back from the false monarchs and pompous egos. You are shining the cleansing light of day on the socialists, communists, liberals and progressives in our country.
Some say we are starting a third party and some say we will destroy the Republican party's attempt to defeat the Socialists in congress and the White House, but I say “we don’t need no stinking party.“ We are the people. You are the majority and you're now being heard and feared. You are overthrowing the political slave masters that are destroying your country. Good job America.
And I have a special message to all of the Republican congressmen and congressional hopefuls,”We are watching you.“ If you step out of line we will end your career in Congress. If you raise taxes we will end your career in Congress. If you don’t cut government spending we will end your career in Congress. We don’t care about your big ass tent, we will end your career in Congress. If you don’t follow the bible, we will end your career in Congress. If you don’t defend our country, we will end your career in Congress. If you think you will get rich off our tax dollars, we will end your career in Congress. For you serve us, not the other way around. So let’s get this straight you work for us or you are gone, gone in a New York minute.
So, I’d like to thank all of the patriotic delegates from around the country who took the time to be here in wonderful Tennessee. May God bless all of you and our country. Now go get em!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nick, for saying it for us. Excellent.

Rotti said...

Thank you for representing so many of us.

Anonymous said...

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