Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Edward Snowden CIA/NSA Mystery

The Edward Snowden CIA/NSA Mystery
In May of this year Edward Snowden a former CIA employee/NSA contractor shopped and eventually exposed to the world how and what these agencies have been doing with domestic and international data captured. All of you know by now what Snowden has done and will continue to do using independent journalist Glenn Greenwald attached to the English paper The Guardian, an appropriately named tabloid.
But what Snowden, the CIA, the NSA, the mainstream media and Fox News aren’t telling you is that in May both the CIA and the NSA shut down and limited all information gathered for top level eyes only. The pores agencies were up until that day wholesaling private information for political purpose without the approval and knowledge of higher-ups. So agency heads shut it all down and started an internal sweep to find leaks, and there were many, most you’ll never hear about.
You see in May 2013 our President’s political operatives stopped getting information on their targets. It was then that the President started flying blind and recklessly into the abyss as you may have noticed in past months. Internal investigations are turning up all sorts of irregularities of which we’ll never hear about.
What Snowden did is what the President’s people have been doing for the past five years and the real scandal is just waiting to emerge, not from Snowden, but the sewers of Washington D.C.
– N.P.Contompasis

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