Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Keeps Asking, What’s Happening to Football???

Rush Limbaugh keeps asking what’s happening to football. Every day on his radio show he keeps trying to analyze the head injury and bullying/racist controversies that never seem to leave the spotlight of the media. He keeps blaming it on the Liberal sports press who now seem happy with the demise of the sport at their own hands.
Lawsuits have plagued the sport recently with head trauma injuries. One has to ask, why is this happening now during one of the most Liberal Presidents in American history.
Globalism is the answer. If you’re going to standardize the world you must standardize the sports and football is an aggressive all-American sport that illustrates the America aggressive behavior that Globalists hate. American Football is now the poster-boy for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
You see America Football also has to go because no one else in the world plays it. The world plays soccer not football. If you’re a Globalist this can’t continue because there’s no way to enjoin the sport with the rest of the world, SO IT MUST GO.
It’s a surprise to Rush that the sports media that has made a living off of football is doing this, but it’s no surprise to me. The Liberal sports media are like their counterparts in the general news agencies, they're all Globalists with many of them being members in the Globalist organization "Council on Foreign Relations".
Rush is a pretty smart guy and I know after reading this he’ll get it!!! – N.P.Contompasis

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