Saturday, November 9, 2013

From - Variety Hillary Clinton Honored by Sumner Redstone (MULTIMEDIA BILLIONAIRE LIBERAL-JEW), Jeffrey Katzenberg (MULTIMEDIA BILLIONAIRE LIBERAL-JEW), Rob Friedman (MULTIMEDIA BILLIONAIRE LIBERAL-JEW) - BUT OF COURSE THE LIBERAL JEWS DON'T CONTROL HOLLYWOOD RIGHT - BULLSHIT - NOW THEY CONTROL WASHINGTON AND IF ANYBODY SAYS NO THEY DON'T - THEY'RE BULLSHITTING YOU !!! The Liberal-Jews are already gathering to pick the next President of the United States and of course they're getting in for their piece of the American Pie - your tax dollars $$$$$ - Doesn't any of this piss you off yet America or are you just stupid??? One more thing - these guys make money globally - America isn't big enough for them now - That's GLOBALISM - That's the force that's destroying our country - N.P.Contompasis

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