Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What To Do With Islam

Make no mistake about it, Islam is attacking every religion. With the violent expansion of Islam around the world, the United Nations will no longer be effective as a nonpartisan governing group. That’s why I feel that a new group should be formed to represent the non-Muslim nations of the world. Cur
rent non-Muslim nations should resign from the United Nations. NATO will become part of a new group called United World Nations (UWN). There will be no Muslim troops in NATO and predominately Muslim countries will not be admitted as member states of UWN.

If a predominately Muslim nation can show to the UWN that they are a country of peace and that they manage their people without the use of Sharia Law they will be allowed to coexist and trade with the UWN. These Muslim countries must adhere to international standards regarding human rights and all international treaties. There will be no trade with outlaw Muslim countries.
UWN-NATO will form a two million man or more army, air force and navy that will be dispatched to enforce the sovereignty of member countries. They will be on member states soil only to defend against Muslim incursions and terrorist attacks.
The purpose of the UWN is to preserve the peace and stop the violent expansion of Islam. The UWN will be governed in the same manner as the old United Nations. UWN-NATO will take all of their directives from the Security Council of the UWN.  - N.P.Contompasis 

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