Monday, September 3, 2012

What is Obama Really Up Too???

Obama’s a communist. Obama’s a Marxist. Obama’s a socialist. Obama’s a collectivist. Obama wants to turn America into the Soviet Union. Obama’s a globalist. Obama thinks America should repent for its sins. Obama, Obama, Obama!!! Anyone with half a brain is trying to figure out what Obama is trying to do to our country. It’s obvious to everyone now that he is doing something, but what? That’s the big question and it’s a question that many who are about to vote in November are trying to figure out before casting that vote. Many, not so much on the Right, but more-so on the Left wonder what he is really up too. They see some of the obvious changes relating to ObamaCare, homosexuality and illegal immigration. But what about the bigger picture like America’s place in the world, our security and our economy. They know our country is weakening in wealth and influence around the world it does concern them. They are starting to think, finally, that this man just may not be as good for our country as we thought. They still feel warm and fuzzy about his appearance but deep down they are starting to think maybe I should sit this election out. That’s why Obama’s team of political strategists are worried at this late date over the voter turnout. That’s why Attorney General Eric Holder is fighting over twenty states for stronger voter ID laws. But, let me get back to the thrust of my thought. After watching the newly released video on YouTube by Dr. Bill Warner, it all fell into place for me. As you watch this very educational and long video about Islam’s war on every religion since its inception, you come away realizing that when the Western World weakens Islam strengthens. It’s pretty obvious historically. It’s no secret that radical Islam has advanced over more territory in the past four years during Obama’s reign since the Ottoman Empire. And it’s no secret that our influence and economy is in near-shambles with Europe bearing the brunt of the President’s poor economic and security policies. With the President’s refusal to support our long and trusted allies in the Middle East and Europe he has emboldened Islam to advance into most Christian African countries, killing, raping and burning every day, yes every day!!! The slaughter continues in Asia with Thailand and India getting hit every day also. Of course you don’t hear about the burning of Christian Churches in Africa, India or the Philippines from the Mainstream Media or your pulpit. They frankly don’t give a damn, because maybe it’s all part of the plan? God forbid they should light the match that starts Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews to defend themselves. After all they’re at war with us, we’re not at war with them, right? That would read well on our tombstones both of them, one for your body and the other for your head. This is no joke and it’s not abstract foreign policy theorizing. It’s real, it’s on every webpage around the world and you can’t run from it. So, maybe it’s time you start doing something about it and that something is voting Barack Hussein Obama out of office. – N.P.Contompasis
Dr. Bill Warner’s video

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