Thursday, September 13, 2012

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I think I’ve figured out Obama’s foreign policy strategy. During the Bush Administration per all of the liberals out there including the United Nations, America was a bully who had lost the sympathy of the world after 9/11 by declaring war 
on any Islamic country that didn’t succumb to our will.
Now, everyone knows the pathetic strategy of the Liberal Left on any issue. They love to support anyone or anything that’s in distress. They capitalize on any crybaby with tears falling while the camera is rolling. It’s disgusting to watch, but it’s what they do best.
Unfortunately, for us it seems that our President has now adopted this same strategy for our nation’s foreign policy. We now are the victim, not the oppressor. We will bear the brunt of future attacks so that the world will again feel sorry for us and then condemn the ones attacking us. God help you if you are one of those like Ambassador Stevens who was first solemnized before being murdered in Libya two days ago. But you see it’s all part of Obama’s plan to gather that important emotion “sympathy” from around the world. Thank you, Ambassador Stevens, for your support of the President’s new foreign policy.
You see it’s a reverse psychology approach in making us, well really President Obama look better in the world. Of course you do understand that President Obama doesn’t like looking like an oppressor. That’s why he scaled back in Afghanistan and pulled out of Iraq. And he won’t torture anyone, no matter what they know and who he can save.
The only problem I see so far with this approach is who will be next? Who will be the next victim to help the President feel better about himself? Oh sodomy, no thanks, I’ll pass. - N.P.Contompasis

After reading this article from The Times of Israel you will see that Islam now demands the West to criminalize any derogatory statements towards Allah. This is hate-speech Muslim style. 
They appear to be using any anti-Islam statement, pi
cture, movie, song, TV show, anything they deem insulting.
With radical Islam now attempting to use a big-tent in its movement to gain more moderates on their side, the potential of all Islamic countries in African and the Middle East going radical is just a matter of time.
But of course if our cowardly Liberals in the U.S. and Europe start throwing us in jail for putting down Islam maybe they’ll give us a break, RIGHT!!!
– N.P.Contompasis 

A little heads up on the new QE-3 from the Federal Reserve. 
Without velocity the QE's will never cause inflation. My guess is the QE's will never see the light of day in respect to volatility, so don't load up on commodities thinking you'l
l be a billionaire overnight.
The reason why the Federal Reserve is doing it now is because the European Central Bank will be printing more money.
Remember all of this money printing is only about the relationship between the EURO and the USD.
It's important for that relationship to be stable. When both of use print it's simply a push in Black Jack terms. Back to your iPod's.- N.P.Contompasis

Since Obama declared today that Egypt is no longer an ally of the U.S., that means that he has failed at keeping them as our ally CORRECT???????????? I wonder how he would grade this one? - N.P.Contompasis

Since Obama allowed al Qaeda to sodomize and murder our Ambassador to Libya, doesn't that mean he has failed to protect our foreign diplomatic personnel and interests around the world?????? I wonder how he would grade this one? - N.P.Contompasis

Good morning America. It’s a new day in our country where the everyday person can get up, go to their computer and search for the truth worldwide. You are the new intellectuals, the people that research and verify where others don’t. 
The vast majority of you have no letters after your names, advanced degrees and little influence in the world, until now! But your numbers are growing as lies become norm. 
Your influence is now being felt as you relentlessly expose the frauds that mean our nation harm. You are the new American intellectuals, the people that are making a difference, and the people our founding fathers would have looked up too. 
So don’t stop, you are making a difference, you are changing things for the good of all men. Now let’s get on with it, finding the truth. – N.P.Contompasis

There are no experts, just hired assassins. - N.P.Contompasis

President Obama has not made mistakes when it comes to the economy, unemployment, foreign policy, fiscal policy and domestic policy, he simply ignored them. This is like refusing to put gasoline in your car; you eventually come to a stop in that dangerous part of town. The mere obvious act of not refueling, is an act of treason. – N.P.Contompasis

In the US, the rich-poor gap is now the widest since 1967. 
This growing gap is not because of capitalism, it's because of a socialist President Obama refusing to repair our faltering economy. - N.P.Contompasis

Does Germany Really Owe Greece a Trillion Euros In WW II Reparations?
If that's true Rome is in big trouble....... - N.P.Contompasis

Listen up American home owners - It is now projected that Greece will lose up to 40% of their real estate values by 2014. 
You know what I'm gonna say right? We're not far behind if Obama gets 4 more years. - N.P.Contompasis

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