Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Controls "Innocence of Muslims" Video?

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that with the internet there isn’t too much you can hide from the people. The truth is always in plain sight. The trick is to find it! There is a major undercurrent swirling around right now on the internet caused by investigative bloggers searching for the truth on this Innocence of Muslims video on YouTube. You know the one that has one point five billion Muslims up in arms. The one that the Obama Administration has been blaming for the killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya up until today when finally Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted it was a terrorist attack not caused by the video. Too many questions are now popping up about this video and who had control over it prior to the 9/11/12 attacks. In other words who used this video to help the Obama Administration rile up the natives or was that just another Obama blunder? It’s now a fact that on the day of the attacks in Cairo and Benghazi the name of the video changed from “The Real Life of Mohamed” (7/1/12 – 9/11/12) to “Innocence of Muslims” (9/11/12 to date). It’s also now a fact that the people that changed the name of this video work at Stanley, Inc. a major defense contractor who was involved in the unauthorized search into Barack Obama’s passport files which this company operates for the U.S. Government. ( I am not saying these two events are connected but there is some connection. See below - Stanley, Inc. – per Wikipedia –

 “In March 2008, the U.S. Department of State, which is responsible for issuing U.S. passports, stated that two employees of a Stanley Associates subcontractor had been fired for improperly accessing the passport application file of (then) presidential candidate Barack Obama. The company published a press release on March 21, 2008. In each case, Stanley took immediate disciplinary action and employees were terminated the day the unauthorized search occurred. Stanley also stated its general policy and practice to cooperate fully with any potential Government investigation. Additional information on the breach of passport information has yet to be disclosed to the public.”

With that said there’s a lot more to be understood about this video and as more information bubbles to the surface even more questions are being asked. You have to wonder why the Obama Administration would hold on to the video story even up until two days ago when the President himself reiterated to the world at the United Nations. But, the very next day the new leader of Libya flatly said that the attacks where al Qaeda terrorist attacks not caused by the video, which explains Hillary’s statement today, finally falling in line with the truth. One has to ask, are there forces within our defense department working to upset the Muslim World and why? Is the Obama Administration part of this or are they just wondering in the dark at the mercy of these operatives? Is it possible that the Obama Administration created the movie without the military’s knowledge to help push a U.N. referendum outlawing hate-speech towards Islam, thus cancelling America’s Freedom of Speech right? And what’s even more troubling is that these unknown forces have now found the button that can trigger worldwide rioting, death and destruction, what will be next? Whatever is going on, it’s Machiavellian in scope and is so manipulative it has the future capability of steering the entire free world towards a colossal war with Islam! – N.P.Contompasis

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