Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Low Information Voter L.I.V. - America's New Burden?

The Low Information Voter - America’s New Burden?
It could be said that the majority of Americans now can be considered Low Information Voters. In other words, the majority of Americans either cannot or will not gather and digest the proper information to make intelligent decisions regarding their vote.
Is this a new phenomenon for America? It’s possible but not likely. America, for the most part, has been blessed over the centuries with relatively peaceful times. There have been few periods in American history when it was critical for the American Voter to thoroughly know and understand the issues they vote on.
But it seems at this time our country is at a crossroad and all that has made us a great nation is now being tested by seemingly un-American forces. It can be likened to an invasion of ideas, strange to most Americans and yet many don’t even see it. 
The problem we as Americans face is, do we want to go down this road of change? Many who are reading and researching these new forces, ideas, their causes and effects, are concerned and shocked that the majority of Americans have no idea it’s even happening, enter the Low Information Voter – L.I.V.  
This L.I.V. seems to be on overload with a daily barrage of mass media smacking them in the face every moment of every day. In a relatively free society as ours the L.I.V. gets to pick and choose what they listen to or watch during the day. There is no strict government mandates laid down for the masses unless you’re young and in a public school, which is another matter. But for the most part in America you still have the choice to turn a channel or a web page when you want. Unfortunately, it seems that L.I.V.’s aren’t interested in finding out anything but the latest score, new movie or song that’s out.
Since 2008 our new leaders have definitely steered our society in a direction that makes a very large and near majority in our country uncomfortable. Many look upon the L.I.V.’s as un-American but I think there’s much more to the appearance of their complacency. You see, it’s “distraction” that has this new voting class in America in a fog. They are the Low Information Voter simply because they’re distracted and are floating over the burning coals we all have to walk through every day. It’s so frustrating for most to see them hovering up there be-bopping on their IPods, but it’s true, they have chosen not to care and frankly don’t.
With the internet now in full force any topic if Googled can result in a mind-melt-down of massive piles of information. Who can blame them for not searching for answers when there is at least 10,000 websites on just the word “it”- thank you President Clinton.
So it appears that the Low Information Voter has checked out on reality and is blissfully floating somewhere between the ionosphere and space never to wake until it’s too late! They are America’s new burden, a burden we will have to shake up if we expect to save our country.  - N.P.Contompasis 

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