Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Politics in America

Politics in America isn’t supposed to be all-consuming. American Politics isn’t supposed to be a daily threat to our liberties. Politics isn’t supposed to be an eventual life or death experience for Americans. Politics in America for the average citizen is supposed to be a four year event. You vote for President and get on with your life without worrying about being disrupted by some government finger poking you.
After nearly five years of a Leftists government, the constant barrage of attacks on the average contributing American, who actually is paying attention, is starting to show signs of weariness. One has to wonder how much longer these Americans will wait patiently for a return to normal.
This constant poking of the common man by the Leftist Barack Obama and his underlings is reminiscent of third world dictators, not a first world super power, like the United States. This could explain part of that unsettled feeling most Americans are experiencing these days. It’s insulting and it’s so unnecessary, unless you, who are doing the poking, have ulterior motives!   
Politics in America needs to get back to normal pretty quick or the end result will rear its ugly head and truly transform our country from that once mighty super power to a third world country where skirmishes with government forces and those patient contributing Americans are a daily occurrence. – N.P.Contompasis 

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